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Warmly celebrate the success of the company's website revision and upgrading

发布时间:2020-07-02  浏览:2030次

With the rapid development of the company's performance, the original web page has been unable to meet the needs of the company's development. In order to better enhance the company's image, strengthen publicity efforts, more prominent display of our company's scale and strength, and better display the company's external image, official website of Metcast , has been successfully upgraded and revised recently, making the content of the website richer and more timely

In order to improve the company's image, facilitate product promotion, provide high-quality services for domestic and foreign customers, and enhance the company's influence, the website's column setting, functional design, service content and expression form have been greatly adjusted. The column sections are rearranged according to the functional divisions, and the company's information resources are further integrated to provide customers with more comprehensive information Efficient and convenient service. "Customer satisfaction" is our pursuit, we will, as always, uphold the attitude of serving customers with heart, with more full enthusiasm, more focused spirit, more professional quality to provide quality service for customers.

The success of the revision and upgrading of the website indicates that our company has put forward higher requirements in media publicity and reached a higher level. The use of the new website has built a good communication platform between the company and customers, which makes the communication between the company and customers more convenient, and the connection is more close and firm.

There are still many deficiencies in the revised website, we will continue to improve.


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