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Choose the right supplier and build a long-term supply chain

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China is a big country of casting production and marketing. Casting products are widely used in automobile, general machinery, municipal, machine tool, agricultural machinery, communication and other fields. More than 40 million tons of castings are sold domestically and 5 million tons of castings are exported every year. It seems easy to purchase castings in China, but it is not easy to do well.

China's foundry industry is undergoing a great change. The parts that were originally purchased and assembled by more than 10 foundry manufacturers can be easily replaced by one casting. The samples, which originally took two months to provide, can be delivered in just one week. Partners who have cooperated for many years suddenly stop production or go bankrupt because of environmental protection, policy or market, etc., which brings immeasurable losses to customers. China's foundry industry is undergoing changes. With the rapid growth of excellent enterprises, a large number of enterprises are closing down. In the past five years, more than 4000 enterprises have closed down. It is expected that more than 10000 will close down or be acquired in the next five years.

In this special period of change, it is no longer easy to purchase castings. Cooperate with Metcast, grasp the development pulse of casting industry, follow the trend, win in change, make it easy for you to purchase castings.


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